6 ways to prepare for work

As the majority of the country prepares for virtual learning and working from home. We adhere to COVID guidelines of health and safety. Many are swamped with anxiety and stress.

Here are 6 simple ways to mentally prepare for work.

Have a routine 

Our days need some sort of structure. When we have a routine, we know what to expect from the time we wake up, until we go to bed. Take about an hour to do the things that make you feel good and get you ready for the day. Brew a cup of coffee, make a hearty breakfast, Intentionally slow down with a purpose. Have the family join you for breakfast, spend quality time. Put the phones on “Do Not Disturb”. Ease into the day and do what makes you happy.

Get Ready for the day 

The thought of working from home could hinder the process. A great tip, would be to put in some time to get ready. I was more inclined to feel lazy and less productive wearing pajamas or lying in bed to work. I find it helpful to freshen up, get ready for the day as if you were going out. A shower will help wake up the mind and body. Put on a simple outfit, such as a pair of jeans, nice button up or short sleeve top, and cozy socks. Keep it simple, but comfy. You can dress up the outfit with a blazer, for a more professional attire. Have children put on their favorite school outfit to show off to their friends. Dress their hair in cute barrettes or show off the cool haircut. Children love to share with their classmates.

Keep a tidy space 

Create a space that is tidy and clutter free as much as possible. A messy space equals a messy head. It can become a source of distraction. Do a quick clean, tidy up from the night before to organize the workspace. Turn it into a fun activity, have the children help. Label clear binds with a picture and name of their object (pencils and crayons, books, and papers) to teach them to identify words. Visit a local dollar store. Children love to help when you turn it into a fun activity. Whoever can find the messing crayon, gets to have a special snack? Positive reinforcement helps motivate children to work. Essentially, create and organize space, where it can be functional.  

Eliminate distractions 

With working from home, there is this inclination to check your phone, primarily social media. We’re all guilty of doing this, I know I am. Try turning off any (or all) phone notifications. Maybe keep your phone in another room. Although, you may have to use your phone to work; check emails and maintain constant communication. There is an option available on your phone to mute all notifications and text messaging during a specific timeframe. When children are working on devices for educational purposes, limit certain functions. There are child lock features for iPads, tablets, and laptops. This will help children stay on task and attentive to learning.   

Take Breaks 

I strongly advise taking breaks, such as getting up to stretch. Do you feel any tension or aches? Bring awareness to your body. Every hour, stand up and move around. Give your eyes a break from the screen. Always take a lunch break, eat outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air and sun. Try doing a non-work activity to give your brain a break. Take a short break with the intention of going back to work. Children will indicate when they need a break. They can get antsy when they sit for too long. Take them outdoors. Play a fun outdoor activity. Engage them in a movement activity, like music. Everyone loves to dance.

Have a to do list 

I find it very helpful to create a to-do list. Each day, I would list 3-4 items I’d like to accomplish. There are different methods you could use, like a calendar, planner, notepad, or apps. Something easily accessible. Jot down items of importance. Adjust as you go along. Essentially, you could create a weekly list of about 10 items. Then, choose 3 items from the weekly list to add to your daily to do list. Focus on 3 things from the list only to reduce stress. Overall, make sure the list is practical and doable. More importantly, take time to celebrate your accomplishments whether big or small. It feels amazing when you can cross off something from the list. Be more attentive about what you’ve completed, rather than always focusing on what you haven’t finished yet. Celebrate your wins. Give yourself credit, you are doing good.

As we endure this process of working from home, set a routine to bring a sense of balance, peace, and focus each day.  

I hope some of these tips will help create a workspace flow. These are some of the tips that have worked for me and I hope they will help you. Some of you may already be doing these things on a regular basis. Maybe it’s something new, I hope this has encouraged you to give them a try.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “6 ways to prepare for work

  1. Great points. Working from home has it’s own challenges for me. We are still bursting at the seams from finally getting everything unpacked, and there isn’t a surface in my entire house that doesn’t serve a purpose, and my job is proposing that I use some extra equipment…WHERE IS THAT GOING! LOL Whooo-saaaa! But I know that I should just be thankful that I have a job and do what needs to be done. — Wye

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  2. Tiffany, I can say these steps are needed. I have found myself ensuring that I have a schedule and a clear outline for what I need to do for the day. The breaks is absolutely a must! Just close that laptop and do something else like breathe. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Great points here Tiffany! I really agree that breaks are necessary for helping to reduce stress and increase productivity. And going outside is the best way for a break/lunch if at all possible. It gives totally different scenery to look at for clearing our thoughts. I always use a to do list for getting things done. I usually have two lists, one for smaller things to do, the other for larger projects that may take more time to accomplish. And at the end of the week I check to see all the items I did that week and focus on what was done, not what still needs to be done. Focus on the positive not the negative. I was actually going to do a similar post myself! Have a great day Tiffany!😃😺🌞

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  4. Thanks Tiffany! This is helpful advice. I work from home about 3-4 days a week so I’ve been trying to keep a daily routine. I enjoy the flexibility of working from home. I have more work/life/school balance.


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