Give More of Ourselves

It isn’t our job to do God’s job. We are called to consecrate ourselves, by yielding to God’s will. The Bible explains mans struggle to surrender their will in order to follow God. When they decided to obey, God delivered on His promise. Deliverance comes in various ways, but we have to understand it is all according to Gods will. We need to pray like we depend on God. Nothing belongs to us, not even the breath in our bodies. Our lives depend on God.

The word consecrate means, to be set apart, to be completely dedicated to God. Jesus set the example of this standard. His sacrifice reminds us of how our lives depend on salvation. He died for our sins, a sacrifice we cannot take lightly. What more can we ask for? Our cross to carry is nothing in comparison to Christ.

There will be moments in our lives where we are called to sacrifice our life. We are called to obey Him whenever, wherever, and whatever. We tend to stand in God’s way of using us in bigger ways. Drawing on our own strength to make things happen.

When God presses something on your heart, it’s also on God’s heart. God plants gifts and talents within His children to fulfill a greater purpose. When God called me to lead at church, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it. I didn’t have the experience. “God doesn’t call the equip, He equip those whom He calls.” The experience taught me a lot about God. It took me out of my element. The Lord coach me through the process. I did it afraid out of the obedience to God.

The fear of giving more of ourselves to God means to surrender control to Him. It is not until we die to ourselves that we come alive. The more we lose ourselves to God, the more we will find our true self in Him. Prayer is the catalyst. When we surrender our lives to His Will, we will get more of Him in return.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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