Who do you Trust

What does it mean to trust?

Trust, an accurate definition:

  • firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.
  • to have confidence, faith or hope in someone or something.

Consider, trust as a firm (strong foundation) of belief.

For example, we are so confident the Sun will rise again, we don’t have any doubts or ask God to make it happen. If we know and trust God to do bigger things, how can we not trust Him in the smaller things. God is even greater than all of these things.

Shouldn’t it make us trust Him even more? I suppose it can be difficult to believe in the spiritual versus the natural. If we can touch it, we can trust it. The problems of this world are not hard for God. He knows what is happening to you, in this very moment. There is a reason for every difficulty we face. The answers of how to get through it, lies in prayer. Come to the Father.

I want to encourage you this season:

  1. Pray Matters. Prayer is your way to communicate with God. Bring your request before Him. He is listening and He honors those who seek after Him.
  2. Be humble. God accepts us even in our brokenness and struggles. God can heal and mend the wounds.
  3. Read the Bible. The bible is the source of our existence. When we spend time in the word, the word becomes a source of our strength and wisdom.
  4. Seek Him daily. Meditate on a verse or scripture. Read a chapter a day. Ask God to reveal what you need to know. He can teach you how to read the Bible. The Bible is our daily bread, not just for special occasions.
  5. Wait patiently. Many times we are waiting for miracles and blessings to appear. Are we giving God our time in completing the assignments He has instructed us to complete. Focus on developing your gifts, talents, and serving others. Ask God to reveal the plans He has for your life. Glorify God in everything. you do.

When we focus our attention on God and work for the Lord, we remove the distraction of our circumstances. God reminds us to trust in Him, lean not on our own understandings. Lean not on our fears, disappointments, or frustrations. Submit all of your ways to the Lord. He will clear the path for you to follow. Trust and you will see what awaits you. Trusting God leads to transformation.

I invite you to get to know God intimately and study God’s word deeply.

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Hi, I’m Tiffany! My hope is to encourage and equip others to cultivate a life rooted Christ alone and create a simple lifestyle.

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