DIY Whipped Body Butter | 3 Ingredients

For years, I struggled with dry skin, especially in the winter. I was delighted to discover body butters as a natural alternative to skincare. In today’s post I’ll share a simple DIY skincare recipe.

Body butters are like food for your skin. They condition, hydrate, nourish, and soften your skin. Since they are extracted from natural sources, you don’t have to worry about toxins and chemicals like you would find in most commercial products. There are no preservatives need to stop spoilage nor does it contain water, say goodbye to dry skin.

Some butters lend to be used by themselves or in combination with other butters and ingredients to take skincare creation to the next level. It is perfect to spread on your body, facial care, massages, cuticles, an overall skincare experience. For those looking for a minimal skincare routine, here’s a DIY whipped body butter recipe with only 3 ingredients! Win-Win!



Step 1:

Break apart the shea butter. Its very soft and easy to manipulate.

Step 2:

Slowly mix in the oils to whip the butter.

Step 3:

Continue to combine all ingredients until completely mixed. Optional: add your favorite essential oil

Step 4:

Once you’ve reached the desired consistency, then you can transfer the butter to a 4-8 oz jar using the piping or scooping method directly into the jar. Make sure to tap the bottom of the jar to ensure butter fills the entire jar completely.

Make sure to store in cool place.

Looking for a last minute gift idea: This recipe can make about 7 (2 oz jars) which I like to give away to friends and family for the holidays!

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