Healing a broken heart

Life is a precious gift. This is true for all living things: trees, plants, insects, animals, and people. Each one has its own special lifetime. Sometimes though, living things can become ill or get hurt. Most will get better again, but there are times when they are so badly hurt, or ill they can no longer stay alive. All things must reach a point where it cannot continue. Where what began must now meet the end.

Death is so deeply personal and final, nothing can emotionally prepare us for its arrival and the loss one feels when you lose someone you love. Whether death results from a sudden accident or a sustained illness, it will always catch you off-guard. With every loss, there will be grief.

These last few months have been difficult. Nothing can prepare you for these tough parts of life. If you have lost someone you love so deeply, there are intense emotions that will follow. Sometimes, you feel numb, not feeling anything at all. Trying to balance the pain while moving forward in life isn’t easy. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get out of bed.

As we revisit the memories, another wave sweeps in and the pangs of anguish crash over us. Love ones struggle to find adequate words to comfort our aching wounds. Grief is painful, but it is a necessary part of our healing.

While grief and loss always remain with us to some degree, prayer can help us stay connected to God through the hardest parts of the journey. Prayer helps us heal and grow with God. Sometimes it is the only thing we can.

Grieving is the process God uses to bring us to a place of wholeness. Remember you are not alone in this and I hope to share some ways to process grief and loss.

1. Be honest with your emotions Don’t ignore nor avoid them. Move through the emotions. Everyone process feelings different. There are ways to express your feelings; draw, write or talk to someone. Your feelings are valid.

2. Give yourself space and time Grief doesn’t come and go in a short timeframe. Healing is a process that will take time. But we cannot do it alone. Make room for you and your feelings to run it’s course. Being alone in a physical space is ok. Try listening to music such as jazz, soft music, or worship music. A good cry helps, too.

3. Spend time with God God is our true source of strength and emotional healing. Talking to God about the pain can help us move past the heartache and embrace His love. Spend some time in prayer.

4. Don’t grieve alone, or lose hope Be encouraged to reach out to others for help. You’ll discover there are friends and family available to offer comfort. At times, we may need to seek professional help. Give yourself a chance to express your feelings.

5. Read to ease the pain and embrace peace. We can turn to Scripture for ease and comfort. God promise to heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. God’s compassion never runs dry. He is your source of healing.

May this prayer bring you comfort.


Dear Lord,

Thank you for being my refuge and my strength. I don’t understand why these things happen. But I know you have a plan for each of us, but right now I am struggling. This hurt runs deep.

Lord, I need your comofrt and I pray for you to be by my side through this difficult season. Right now, it feels like this heartache will never go away. It feels like I’ll always be stuck in this pain. Everyone says, time heals all wounds, but it can be hard to believe.

I feel angry. I feel hurt. I feel alone. I feel sad. I don’t know if time will heal me, but I know you will. I cannot imagine going through this without you holding me. Sometimes, Lord, its hard to think about living each day. I don’t know how I will get through this day without my loved one in my life.

Lord, please be here for me. I need your strength to get up out of bed and to move forward in life. I need you to help me be honest about my feelings and move through this process. Please Lord, help me embrace your hand as a guide through this healing process.

Continue to fill me with hope for tomorrow. I know I will never stop missing my loved one, but it helps to know they are with you.

Thank you, Lord, for always being here for me.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

In loving memory of my dad 1953-2021

Love you always dad.

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2 thoughts on “Healing a broken heart

  1. Grieving is a process that can go in cycles. You might think you are moving on, when in fact you are stepping in & out of the grief. This is normal. We have God and others to turn to throughout it.

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