Growth & Nurture | A Summer Journal

The beat of summer is a familiar song, steady and subtle. It leads us up and outdoors, feeling the sand underneath our feet, the smell of burgers on the grill, a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream, and the abundance of fun in the sun. The evenings are full of extra light as the choir of birds sing their songs from sunrise to sunset. The summer arrives as we dance in the ocean with every splash we make. The fruits reach their peak and are ripe and juicy, ready to burst at their seams. These things remind us that the sweetest things in life cost nothing. 

All around us, life continues to flourish. For some, life may feel like a scar, it’s natural to focus on the pain, but like most scars, they can fade. For me, life has looked like a process of growth. I can easily take life so seriously that sometimes I forget to appreciate the moments of nurture. It’s not always easy to put down distractions. I allow things to stir my spirit or stop me in my tracks. It prevents me from looking around and focusing on the growth of all that I have cultivated. I think it is time to take cues from nature. Take in every breath, every step, and embrace the present. It is time to let the sunnier moments stretch, soften, and steady my life in motion with God. What still remains long after this chapter of life, I trust God to guide me along the way.

I start every morning with a cup of water, a bowl of mixed fruit, my Bible, and a notebook. I like to sit and allow my creative mind to run free, writing down every idea or inspiration. Afterward, I get ready for work. I am currently working at a Christian School. It’s truly an honor to work in this new endeavor. It’s a space where we can talk about the Bible and explore the characteristics of God. It’s great to engage in bible study alongside the students. I can’t wait to explore the Bible with my own child. Every day, my husband and I read a book to the baby entitled, “My First Read and Learn Bible Stories” by scholastic. It’s never too early to share God’s story right from the womb.

Summer brings plenty to do. When it comes to the home, I’ve learned that the little details can make a space feel intentional, functional, and peaceful. We are organizing our home for the baby. Phew! I didn’t realize how much stuff we would need for the baby. If you’re interested in seeing a baby haul, let me know in the comments below! I was able to create a baby registry. It was a bit overwhelming since there is so much on the market for babies. We’ve already started to receive baby gifts from family and friends. I’ love opening the gifts with my husband! I adore the baby clothes, they are so adorable.

We have dusted off our air conditioners due to the humidity. Since it’s early summer, the temperatures change day by day. We’ve had some windy and rainy days, too. It’s refreshing to have a cool and comfortable home. I love making homemade fruit salad for my husband and I to snack on for the week, which helps with the cravings. We still do our weekly meal preps, a huge lifesaver. My husband prepares the lunches while I focus on the dinners. My husband is a great cook and has a straightforward approach to healthy living. He always has the kitchen smelling delicious with fantastic aromas and spices.  Check out his channel here or use the link below to watch his latest video!

I’d like to encourage you to leap into summer with one optimistic step after another and look for new possibilities once more. All around us are the symphony of summer songs to inspire growth and nurture. You can flourish right where you are. 

I’d love to hear from you, comment below:

How are you preparing for the summer?

May your hearts and homes be blessed,


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2 thoughts on “Growth & Nurture | A Summer Journal

  1. I wish I could enjoy the Summer but it’s so hot here in the DMV that it’s unbearable. I keep telling people to stay hydrated it’s so important, but that hasn’t stopped my daughter and me from enjoying the Summer spoils. Also, I’m loving those pasta dishes.


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