Gentle Prenatal Yoga | for all trimester

These 8 easy yoga stretches are a simple and gentle way to energize your body, relieve muscle tension, and improve blood circulation. Plus, movement is good throughout pregnancy.

I love stretching and it’s one of the reasons why I love yoga so much. Stretching improves circulation, energizes our body, and relieves muscle tension or tightness. Our bodies naturally like to stretch when we wake up or go to bed. It’s a chance to loosen up our stiffened muscles from hours of sleeping, working or even sitting which often comes automatically.

Equipment needed: yoga mat, yoga blocks, blanket or towel, & extra pillows

If you’re looking for a very simple, gentle stretch routine that you can practice at home. These stretches are perfect for you. They’re easy to do and require little effort, yet they’re still so effective at relieving muscle tightness. Pregnancy can cause discomfort of joints and muscles, especially for the back, hips, and legs. These movements can leave us feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

I promise you’ll love ’it!

Disclaimer: always speak to your healthcare provider if you have any health conditions or questions about undergoing any new kind of exercise regime.

I hope these stretches help to alleviate discomfort and energize your body! For the full routine, check out the video below:

May your hearts and homes be blessed,


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